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The LISH Innovation Science Guide is a crowdsourced online repository of white papers, presentations and videos from practitioners and academic researchers on experiments, contests, data, findings, impact and implementation strategies centered around the Lab’s areas of application and key research questions.

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AI Development 2 Crowdsourcing 30 Open Innovation 5 Research & Development Lab 1 Science of Science 1 Technology Transfer 11 Change Management 3 Co-creation 3 Communities 9 Computational 9 Cost Counterfactual 4 Crowd Academy 15 Crowdfunding 4 Culture Change 12 Data Analytics 4 Design 4 Digital Transformation 5 Healthcare 1 Ideation 8 Image Annotation 1 Incentives 8 Intellectual Property 1 NASA 7 Problem Identification 3 Security 1 Software Development 3

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