6prog client benefit : how? CASE STUDY - Micro

Published on October 19, 2020


The challenge

6prog received a project request to provide development expertise for a facilities management firm. The internal IT team was small so the supplier would need to be skilled in a wide variety of technologies and have the ability to work with little guidance.

What we did

We connected the client with a 6prog recruiter who charged a very reasonable fee for selecting an excellent supplier. Thereon, over a twelve month period, the client stipulated deliverables in 1-3 week sprints, often with gaps between them, to allow a status check and to plan and issue the next phase of work.

End result

The client was also able to manage the budget easily as each set of tasks was defined in a predictable way. 6prog’s easy ‘clone and edit’ projects tool was invaluable in this instance. The supplier was able to maintain relationships with several clients in parallel. It was also noted that the total cost of the project ran about £100 per day lower than a traditional agency where a 12% margin was levied. This obviously benefitted the client budget and allowed more work to be issued to the supplier. The work is ongoing and being run remotely.


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