Almost non-cut & irritation-free shaving razor

Published on August 10, 2021


Furthered as a corollary by name of Function-Cost-Analysis, Value Analysis is an excellent concurrent product-process design methodology and also a STEM training mechanism. Lighter, smaller and low-energy consumption technical systems are outputted, we call them trimmed or neatly convoluted. Deep down, this methodology uses a perfect combination of (approximate) laws of evolution of technology, (exact) laws of physics, psychological inertia shred-off by lesser known mechanisms and hands-on engineering by design approach to raise the level of inventive problem solving. This shaving razor is a case-study of new product development by following above-mentioned methodology. It gives heat during shaving and extracts heat (gives coolness) post-shaving, is dynamic with transversely segmented blades to bypass moles and acne without cutting them, works on transparent & natural shaving oil and finally eliminates need for an after-shave lotion. Mass, Dimensions & Energy consumed are minimized without imposing penalty on Most Useful Functions performed. In nutshell, all trade off and compromises are avoided as much as possible.


Dr Saurabh Kwatra Resolve

Dr Saurabh Kwatra Resolve is currently Expert, Smart Growth Operational Program, Horizon 2020, National Centre for Research & Development in Poland, Warsaw & Technical Head of Trimmed Innovations, an engineering by design consultancy based in Baltic and India. His book titled ‘Trimming, Miniaturization & Ideality via Convolution technique of TRIZ, Springer Germany, 2012 is used in technical courses to identify a technical contradiction inherent in a problem and thereafter to relax or resolve it. He is also a Jury/Mentor for Government of India startup grant-schemes at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur Incubation Center, IIM Udaipur and Workshop Lead on NanoMachines at TechFest, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Mumbai since last 4 years. He is a 4th level TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving in English) expert and Advanced Level Certificate holder in Industrial Design from IIT Delhi & Hero Motors (sister concern of Hero-Honda earlier). He completed his PhD (Industrial Design), 2002 from Hero School of CAD/CAM and then DSc in Innovation Management from Nelson Mandela University in 2017. Among charity projects proudly executed by Trimmed Innovations include solar-sensor lights carefully installed at heritage Christ Church Kasauli, Kasauli, Himalayas, India & micro-vertical wind turbine at Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mahim, Mumbai.


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