Crowd Adaptive Mask

Published on July 8, 2020


Face masks are, would be & ought to be a priority in personal health care kits, least in present and till a while in future. Continuous discomfort from wearing breathing mask or respirator or alike is obvious. Fact remains that its functionality is accomplished only when other people are around. This causes an on-off effect in masking ; people when socially close to others pull it up, and when socially distant (relatively alone) pull it down or even remove and pocket it. Not only is it an inconvenienced option, it can be an erroneous habit (forgetting many times to wear when mandatory). And frequent tinkering of protective nose-mouth device by not-always sanitized hands can increase chances of infection spreading. Mileage gained from use of mask can be lost or even overtaken by harm caused in such cases. Polices find it tough to differentiate or penalize this variable masking trend. A social contradiction, viz. wearing or not wearing mask is transformed to a technical contradiction and solution outputted is an adaptive mask with holes of varying size. A mask with dual-structure needs to be designed and manufactured; mask with holes far-apart when one is alone & same mask with holes closer-by when one is in a crowd. A functionally and structurally adaptive mask is being produced.


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