Hiccups and Obstacles: Let's Innovate Bandung

Published on August 21, 2018


Irma Malabir, Ilham Habibie and Niclas Kröger discuss the experience of Bandung, Indonesia, where an ideation contest produced some interesting solutions to a series of problems facing the City of Bandung. The winning solution, motorcycle ambulances has been adopted and seen some great results. As part of their presentation, they addressed questions, such as:

    - What obstacles did you encounter and at what stage of th project did you encounter them?
    - What was the most difficult obstacle and how did you overcome it?
    - What are some of the lessons learned in your experience to avoid such obstacles and hiccups?


Ilham Habibie

Ilham Habibie is a Commissioner at HYVE DIGI - the Innovation Company, of Indonesia.

Irma Malabri

Irma Malabri is the President Director of HYVE DIGI in Indonesia.

Niclas Köger

Niclas Köger is an innovation consultant at HYVE - the Innovation Company.

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