MAM: From Crowdsourcing to Crowd-Empowered Innovation Labs and Ecosystems

Published on August 21, 2018


Severiano Ballesteros, a Golf Champion once said: “A good attitude is more important than a good swing”. In this sense, the Managing Director R&D Agustin Ramos summarized why he initiated the crowd empowered innovation lab together with MAMs’ owner Peter Röhrig: “With our MAM attitude to learning we started a new approach to innovation with the objective to develop a new-to-the-world product, in a new category for MAM, in one quarter of the time that it normally takes us to develop more conventional products. Four months later we are where we wanted to be, something unconceivable four months before. All it took was a commitment to focus enough and the right resources on it, as well as allow new ways of doing usercentric innovation. It also took hard work, but the exhilarating feeling of seeing that “we” together, each of the team members, as well as the differently involved consumers, can make a difference to reach our ambitious goals was worth it”.


Giordano Koch

As the Managing Director at HYVE, Giordano supports companies and institutions with services such as internal and external innovation communities, implementation of open innovation initiatives and innovation consulting. Integrated in the HYVE Group, Giordano provides end-to-end innovation support.

Herfried Schwarz

Herfried Schwarz is a Leader of Innovation & Project Management for the Research and Development at MAM.

Johann Füeller

2012 Prof. Dr. Johann Füller took office at the University of Innsbruck’s faculty for Business Administration, where he holds the recently founded chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism. Since his habilitation on „Communities as a Source of Innovation – Towards a Theory of Innovation and Virtual Co-Creation Communities. Innovation 2.0 – From Fortified Castles to Open Bazars” he has been a senior lecturer of Marketing at the Innsbruck University School of Management.

He is Fellow at the NASA Tournament Lab-Research at Harvard University and CEO of Hyve AG, an innovation and community company. In line with his research focus, he regularly gives guest lectures about co-creation, online branding, creative consumer behavior, online marketing, open innovation, and the utilization of online communities.

Vanessa Ramster

Vanessa Ramster is the current Innovation Designer at HYVE- The Innovation Company.

Niclas Köger

Niclas Köger is an innovation consultant at HYVE - the Innovation Company.

Sandra Lemmer

Dr. Sandra Lemmer works as th executive assistant to Professor. Dr. Johann Füller.

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