The Leading Edge of Disruptive Innovations in Health Care Data, Communications, and Information Technologies: Artificial Intelligence

Published on August 21, 2018


This issue brief explores the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and the basis for its current surge in broad interest across the health care sector. Here, we explore AI from a historical perspective, terms and definitions, the major science and technology components, and, relevant to the Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP), the newfound integration of artificial intelligence with health care and government. Our intent is to provide a general view of the pressing issues that are emerging at a rapid pace with this fascinating technology, and our work is not intended to represent a thorough, in-depth analysis from a policy perspective on science and technology implications. In addition, examples of the application of AI in consumer health, medical practice, and health care management are provided to lay the groundwork for conversations about the wide-ranging potential for these technologies to have a powerful impact and societal benefit. As a result of the basic understanding presented here, coupled with unique perspectives and experiences of each of the individuals in the audience, we encourage thoughtful introspection and commentary to be followed by considerations for collaborative activities on the topic among the GDHP participants.


Greg Downing

Gregory Downing, D.O., Ph.D. is the Founder of Innovation Horizons, LLC, a consulting practice with an emphasis on innovation and technology adaptation in health care.

Previously, he was the Founding Executive Director for Innovation in the Immediate Office of the Secretary at the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In this position, his primary responsibilities were focused on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship as valued attributes of workforce engagement across HHS.

Prior to his arrival at HHS in 2006, Dr. Downing served at the National Institutes of Health since 1993 in research, policy, and program management roles. Dr. Downing earned his medical degree from Michigan State University and his Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Kansas.

Jamie Elliott

Jamie Elliott is the Chief Science Officer of Innovation Horizons, LLC. His focus lies in innovative and analytic ways of solving today’s healthcare problems.

Before joining Innovation Horizons, Jamie was a leader in analytics, software development, and project management at the Health Resources and Services Administration. Jamie led major projects in business process improvement, and served as an innovation coach and mentor for others trying to improve government operations.

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