Virus developed Mask – Virus does the Mask Task

Published on September 22, 2020


Psychological inertia of many types coupled with weak design thinking methods disable us to locate, identify and appreciate idle or free resources around us. A higher-level invention often exploits maximum of idling resources, subjectively and objectively, thus resulting in manufactured product (or process manufacturing a product) tagged with a high factor of Idealization, I. Based upon Function-Cost-Analysis methodology humbly derived from famous Value-Analysis system developed by great GE design engineer, Lawrence D. Miles, the paper attempts to give optimum weight-age to often neglected idle resources prevalent within system or outside system (environment) missed by our minds being submerged in complexities of design. Use of paradoxical, seemingly contradictory resources is particularly encouraged. Examples in which hot water fights fire superior to cold water, detonator saves miners from lightning fire, rarefied air - a known insulator acts as a lightning arrestor in protection of radio towers, and so on are stated. The final example, title of paper itself, is a mask developed or activated by corona virus itself (strong, free resource) or surrounding, accompanying weak resources such as air laden with droplets from sneezes or made heavy by carbon dioxide or moisture due to people around. It is an open-ended innovative problem with many directions for technological evolution ending up in elegant, cheap, future technical solutions.


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